Monday, February 2, 2015

Three Weeks

So it's been three weeks today since I've had any alcohol. I do feel like I can do this, and I know it will take just as long as it took me to get into this mess to get out of it. But I am wondering when I will stop feeling so tired.

I'm sure the abundance of snow days with all three boys home has something to do with it. May February pass quickly and allow me to take more than 3-4 walks a week.

Man this time of year is tough on so many of us.

But, onward I will go.

 I heard a great metaphor today, from my lovely and wise older sister.

In regards to any big change, be it weight loss, new career, summoning the courage to leave a bad relationship, stopping smoking, whatever: Your decision is like steering a giant ship. The effort to turn the ship in an entirely new direction will take every ounce of strength you have. Your engines will scream under the pressure of steering the vastness of the ship around. For awhile, you'll only feel the strain of the turn.

But once turned around, you will move forward in such a fast and unstoppable motion that you will suddenly really begin to see the water fly by you, and the white froth of your past will be swallowed up by the churning of your wake.

I can't wait to watch that wake. 

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