Sunday, January 4, 2015

What My Kids Did Over Holiday Break

While I, of course, appreciate and value the hard work that my sons' teachers put in over the course of the Fall, and want nothing more for them to have at least 2 weeks of relaxation with their own families...I think that Holiday Break is about 1 week too long.

Over the break, my kids reminded me how much more their teachers should be paid in the following ways:

They did this, to MY bed, Every. Single. Day.

They hijacked the Christmas Tree box for the three days following New Year's as a "fort"

so I had to leave the tree up. Or, 1/2 up, or.....whatever that is.

They tirelessly complained and fought and broke shit despite being surrounded by this

and this

and this

and this

and yet only were able to muster the strength to write 3, yes three, Thank-You cards.

Despite my best efforts at keeping the house smelling festive and 'Christmassey" with apples and cinnamon on the stove and candles throughout the house

they did their best to keep it smelling more like this.

Well, at least I had the healthy winter fruits on hand, to keep the sugar and processed foods from being gobbled up

Ha. Ha. You didn't actually think they would eat that did you?

I wanted to spend time playing things like this:

but they wanted this:

and I have no patience for that.

So, while I love and adore my sons, I know I'm not alone in feeling celebratory that tomorrow they go back to school. Who's with me?

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